Undertaking the best available techniques that are available in the market, Shree Somnath foundry uses latest technology tools in our processes. The main aim behind these is to ensure best quality products to our customers as well as safety & security of our employers. These chemical and mechanical processes are carried out at high temperature and pressure. Also 24*7 maintenance of our machinery is necessary which involves cumbersome tasks in handling.

Our vast processing unit is basically sub-divided into mainly two parts:

  • Core making processes
  • Molding processes

These processes involve various methods for their manufacturing like Dry sand, CO2 method, green sand, shell molding, No bake, oil sand and shell core. Getting deeper into this processes let us learn more about them.

  • No bake process:

    Most of our products are manufactures using no bake process which gives enhances version of the products with better quality. Here no baking system is required as sand is mixed with the catalyst and molded around tooling parts of the foundries until this sand mixture hardens and then the tooling parts are drawn away. Afterwards, application of refractory coatings to both molds halves and in the end they are brought together for complete pouring process.

  • Green sand casting:

    Green sand possesses wetness in its initial state. This is why the process to molding materials from this kind of sand is called green sand casting. The temperature is utmost important thing when the metal is being poured. We use special grade pig-iron for pouring which has high silicon content present in it. Flasks without bottom are used for housing of sand and split into two halves.

Dry sand molding also preferred by company involving it in some of our projects. It is nothing but extension of green sand process in which sand is baked at high temperatures. Castings of complex and large things are done using this method.

In accordance with these processes that are used in manufacturing, we also utilize our resources to work with Molasis method of casting and CO2.

Along with these basic techniques Shree Somnath Foundry uses special grade cast iron scrape bringing it from ship breaking yard. During the process to molding, pouring and casting there is installation of special instant fero labs at each furnace to monitor the content of silicon, manganese and carbon in the metal. These labs also functions to guard temperature and tensile strength of furnace.

Our task is not over just by production of the casting material. After they undergo sufficient cooling, they are brought to grinding and fettling shop to remove rough edges that are prevalent during any of the previous processes. This ensures the removal of casting defects and delivers a smooth product that machining requires. In machining process, we provide facility for boring and facing of casting irons for our machine shops. After machining to casting product they are finally sent forward for final finishing. Finishing includes premier coating of the final product as per the specification of customer.